Breath Empowerment

“GOD BREATHED into his NOSTRILS...the breath of life and man became a living soul.”  - Genesis 2:7
Learn the Most Powerful Breath Techniques 
Since 1999, Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack has shared BREATH EMPOWERMENT with over 50,000 live people.
He speaks with experience and encouragement.
Qi Breathing 
Eliminates Pain & Delivers Ecstasy 
Learn to Breath Properly Again
Open up lungs and muscles to boost strength and energy. 
Replenish oxygen for higher mental performance. 
Experience REAL Energetic Expansion
All You Need is 40 Minutes...
Press PLAY and Breathe LIFE Into Your Being
Package #1 - $45
Breath Empowerment 
Live & Studio Versions

Sound of Breath Guides 
Music Timed for Qi Flow
Guaranteed Vibrations

*LIVE Version 
*Studio Cosmic Version
*Complete Theory 
Breath Empowerment Series
Stream on Any Device
    Package #2 - $75
    Breath Empowerment  +
    9-Breath Method Series

    Meditate on Profound Qi
    Expands Consciousness
    Smile from Ear to Ear

    *Global Personal Healing
    *Kundalini Activation 
    *Hands on Healing Practice
    Breath Empowerment  +  9-Breath Method SEries
    Stream on Any Device

    Breath Empowerment and 9-Breath Method 
    are copyrighted teachings.  Not intended to replace care from a physician. 
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    Monday-Friday  9am-5pm Eastern